Dr. Mohammed Koya – The Man and Mission

Dr. Mohammed Koya has been the highest reputed political leader and social reformer Lakshadweep has ever seen. A man of vision, courage and commitment, Dr.Mohammed Koya fought innumerable battles for the neglected and deprived population of the scattered islands in the Arabian sea. He lived far ahead of his time, and unfortunately, his far-sightedness had often been overlooked by his own people,particularly when it came to electoral support. However, the quality of accomplishment Dr.Koya brought forth to his people has been undeniable and immeasurable. His contribution in bringing sweeping changes in the lives of the island people, in the fields of education, drinking water, transportation and other areas of development, has been nothing but great. Even his political foes acknowledge the fact that his legendary voyages against the tides of times had been selfless and exemplary.